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Signing in as soon as you arrive at the farm (ring the bell at the left of the entrance door) each camper must leave his or her ID papers> Persons under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.


The camper occupies the place which is allotted to him and respects his neighbours.


The cars can be parked near your allotted area if the ground is dry, and if not check with the proprietors.  Visitors park outside the camping area.


The installations must be used carefully.  Used water is poured into the designated canalization by the proprietors and not down the toilets. Children under 6 years of age use the sanitary installations accompanied by their parents.  The toilets are not a playground.


Games area is provided for children up to 11 years of age and they are entirely under the supervision of their parents.  Children are not allowed to wander near the farm without being accompanied by an adult.


Domestic animals must be kept on a short leash and be clean.  It is strictly forbidden to take animals to the games area or in the sanitary area.  The proprietor is responsible for the animals behavior at all times and for its needs it must be taken outside of the camping area and its needs must be cleared up immediately.


The washing of clothes, they must be hung up in the place designated for this purpose (Stevi)


Rest time between 22H30 and 7H must be respected by all campers.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke near the farm and in the sanitary areas. Fireworks are not allowed

But eventually in designated areas given by the proprietor.  Cigarette butts must not be thrown on the ground.


The campers must sort out their waste (notice annexed)


The proprietors decline all responsibility for accidents, theft or damages.


Your presence at the Camping implies your knowledge of these rules and that of respect of public order.  In the interest of the guests, the proprietors can take the necessary measures for the respect of tranquility, order and the cleanliness of the camp site by sending people away who conduct themselves in a bad way (use of alcohol or drugs)

Tavannes, mai 2021

Pierre-André et Gladys Geiser

Camping de Belfond

2710  Tavannes

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